briefs: the underwear drawer mini blog

Permalink One of the many reasons I’ll miss this house—no playroom will ever again have such a sensational backdrop.
Permalink Rest stop, middle of nowhere, halfway home to ATL.
Permalink Next year she’s really going to catch one of those seagulls.
Permalink Spring Break at Hilton Head Island, 2013 vs. 2014. Some of us have changed more than others.
Permalink Defying gravity.
Permalink Walk on water.
Permalink The Usual Suspects. (@ the Salty Dog Ice Cream Shop)
Permalink A little rain makes for perfect building sand, and minimizes our sunscreen needs! #glasshalffull
Permalink 6 hours on the road and we’re finally at the beach. 80% chance of rain the next two days, but dammit, WE ARE HERE. #springbreak
Permalink It’s finally Spring! (Wipes pollen residue off face, nostrils, eyeballs.)
Permalink "The frogurt is also cursed. But you get your choice of topping!"
Permalink Someone seems pretty chill about her annual checkup today. She must have a shorter memory than the kids.
Permalink Peekaboo!
Permalink Finally warm and dry enough to move the sandbox we got from Santa out to the deck.