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Permalink School is back in, so I’m trying to find some good books for Cal that aren’t total brain candy (hello Wimpy Kid opus) and aren’t books he’s read a million times before (see: Harry Potter in toto). Here’s what I pulled off our shelves at first pass. Also not pictured but on Kindle: Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm. Any other suggestions with plots that move (for the nine year-old attention span) and aren’t wildly inappropriate sex and violence-wise? I know all of these books I selected have at least shades of sex in them (well, maybe not Animal Farm? I guess? Difficult to avoid when you get down to brass tacks) but, you know, not in your face as it were. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
Permalink Here’s a kid who hasn’t yet outgrown his afternoon nap. Related: the first day of kindergarden is EXHAUSTING.
Permalink They are three and a half years apart in age but five years apart in school, so this is the first and last time I’ll be able to take them for the first day of school together. #fifthgrade #kindergarden
Permalink Well, this happened.
Permalink I just made a terrarium, so either I just joined the AARP or I’m some kind of precious Etsy/Portlandia latter day asshole. Regardless, OUTLOOK NOT SO GOOD.
Permalink Hardly aspirations Pinterest material, but I think Cal’s Minecraft birthday cake turned out pretty well nonetheless.
Permalink Assembling the set pieces for Cal’s Minecraft birthday cake.
Permalink Recently discovered the simple tastiness of tomato sandwiches, though it got me wondering: if Harriet the Spy brought these every day for lunch, how did the bread not get soggy? Did Cook pack the ingredients separately, and Harriet assembled them herself at school? Or did they just use that disgusting health food store bread that is dry and tastes like pressboard? These are things I seriously think about. And why I am not normal.
Permalink Deep in the weeds of camp season and with the school year looming, might I gently recommend: these ice packs. Good size, stay cold FOREVER (like: still a fair-sized icy core even at the end of the day), and most importantly, they DO NOT sweat water all over your lunchbox innards. I got a box of a dozen because they kids always lose them somehow. Wish I had them when I was still pumping for my (former) babies, these would have worked better than filling up two biohazard bags of ice in the nurses’ work room.
Permalink Mack on the rock wall. I really didn’t think he was going to make it to the top, but I guess that shows how much I know.
Permalink I have mentioned this before, but my current work shoe strategy is 1.) Get a pair of Saucony Jazz sneakers and 2.) wear them until they disintegrate. Usually they last between 2-3 years of daily wear, hopefully a little longer now that we actually have a garage so I can keep them indoors. (I never wear them anywhere inside the house because they are hospital shoes and therefore presumed to carry intergalactic MRSA or some such.) My one requirement is that they are a dark enough color that blood stains do not show. I think I am due for an upgrade pretty soon—these were not my first choice but they fulfilled the criteria and were available in my size.
Permalink Superman blasts off.
Permalink Tunnel vision.
Permalink Six years ago we lived in an apartment in Manhattan. Today we live in the suburbs of Atlanta ten minutes from a town square that looks like this. Life is weird sometimes.
Permalink Yes, it is the burbs, but the neighborhood pool has a waterslide so we’re OK with that.